05 March, 2012

My blog listens only to my heart

I find it so amusing. People I know, demand attention and credit on my blog. It hurts them if I do not mention them. This has happened at least 5 times in past. 
If you read this post of mine, I have written loud and clear- It is my blog and my facebook. It takes orders from nobody, but my heart. Just because you know me personally, do not expect me to sing praises for you on my blog. If I find you worth mentioning, you will not even have to ask for it. But if I do not find you worth mentioning, you cannot force me to write good words for/about you. You should be grateful that I do not write negative things about you. People, please stop forcing yourself on me. I am a very free spirited person. I run away if I even remotely feel that someone is trying to control me, impose himself/herself on me. If your agenda to be with me, is to find yourself on my blog, please think again. This blog is my very personal space and I am quite protective about it. It is for the world to read. But only I will decide its contents. Delhi people might think that they can pull strings to get any work done anywhere. But dahlings! this is one space, where I rule and no amount of pressure will ever work.