15 March, 2012

Spanish compliments

In Art of Living, Guruji says, "whatever you resist, persists.". I resisted (still do) learning Spanish and what all is happening to me. First after every dance people start talking to me in Spanish. I have been told by my US friends that Spanish men can really say some very nice things in some Spanish phrases, some of which cannot be even translated to English. They told me that if you heard them, you will be surely tempted to lean Spanish.
I person, who knew little English, told me after a dance, " you are like a goat". Now I thought, why the hell is he calling me goat. I asked, "what do you mean?" He said, "you are very light". I asked him- is that good or bad? He said "very good". We pray goat. Now I thought, just as we Indians worship cows, maybe they worship goats. I asked him again, "do you pray goats?" He said, "Everybody pray goat". Then after five minutes of discussion, I realized, he was saying GOD not goat.
The next one said, "you are like cloud. Flow". Now I do understand, they must be having some nice Spanish phrases to say to women who dance well. They are not being able to say them well in English. Sometimes it is goat or God, sometimes it is cloud.
One person said, "Are all girls in India as beautiful and good dancer as you?" I kept smiling. Did not want to comment on the Tango dancing skills of India. Then he said, "Then we must all shift to India." I was thinking, "darling, 1. you will be very disappointed. 2. We already are an overpopulated country. You guys are better off here. Don't judge a book by its cover. Seeing me, do not form an opinion about the Tango dancing standard of India and plan to shift to there. I am no brand Ambassador of India."
Having said that do not judge a book by its cover, I must add that here the groups that have come from Brazil, Egypt and Indonesia do not have too great Tango dancing skills. I do not know about the rest of the Tango community in their country but from what I can see, this is my opinion so far.