15 March, 2012

Milongas in Buenos Aires

There are 100's of pictures to share that I will, slowly.
A quick short list of the milongas and events done in past few days-

12th night milonga-
Villa Malcolm in Cordoba
and Salon Canning- Parakultural

13th was the GRAND GRAND show presented by all the masters/maestros.
The Teatro Sha in Sarmiento. It was in a auditorium like our Sirifort auditorium. Our seats were assigned. Cameras and video recording was strictly prohibited. I fell in love with TANGO multi folds. Everyone had one word to say- SPELLBOUND. It was heavenly, majestic. One has to experience what I am talking about. It was GRAND. The costumes, choreography, set, stage, lighting, music...OOOOHHH!! I have no words. Life is incomplete without seeing a show like that. It was breath taking in true and literal sense. Each master did better than the other and there is hard to pick a favorite.

After that everyone went to a nearby milonga- Poteno y Bailarin in Riobamba.

Tonight, 14th,  was the great costume party where everyone was dressed in funky costumes and had a milonga in Humberto Primo. There are lots of pictures to share from those. Will update soon.