15 March, 2012


What is it about Tango that evokes very strong emotions and passions in everyone? Why and how do people get addicted to Tango? What do you experience? Why is India untouched by this experience so far?
In Buenos Aires, the city breathes, eats, sleeps, dances, lives Tango. You see Tango everywhere. You can smell Tango here. I have met people for whom BA is Mecca. They come from various parts of the world EVERY year to stay here. Everyone talks like- This is my 11th time. This is my 13th time. They do this every year. I was wondering what draws them here every year? I could almost relate to it. I would want to do that too. There are people who are not so financially well off. And others who are very well off. But they all have a common ground- Tango. Here everyone becomes one family unit. You start going to milongas in BA and you start making friends with the whole city. Here there are cab drivers, who take up cab driving job, so that they can go to milonga at night. They also dance Tango and even sing the music.
Tango is an extremely passionate dance form. I am a fitness trainer and Art of Living follower. I do meditation, yoga, tai chi etc. I have also learnt so many other dance forms. But the kind of bliss I experience in Tango, hearing Tango music, I have not experienced anywhere. It is like a meditation. When I open my eyes after each dance, I have to actually look around and see where I am. I am in another world while dancing. I can feel the music. My body becomes like a jelly and just floats.  But you have to have a good leader  for this. You have to move in sync.
India is quite untouched with this. We have a small Tango community, full of politics and self claimed teachers and Tango enthusiasts, we also have milongas. But one has to come to BA to experience TANGO. The mindset in India is yet not mature enough. The ground work exists, but it will take time. It is at a very nascent stage now. I am told that in US, there are many Indians who are settled there, who do good Tango. Well, I know, when I am back in Delhi, I will miss this experience so badly.
Do experience this once in a lifetime. Do Tango.