04 May, 2012

Healthy lunch at Leia- 2

This post is the second part of the previous post. Below is our pretty, dainty, gorgeous hostess Leia who had invited us for a healthy lunch.

Here is home made jasmine ice tea- extremely refreshing. Just the right amount of sweet.

Home baked bread by Leia with home made hummus and baba ganoush

Yum salad with halloumi cheese.

Unnati had got this gazpacho. It was divinely delicious.

And Unnati also got this desert- cake with custard and fresh cut mango and pineapples. I had 2 helpings.

And Leia made this desert. I loved it. It was baked apple with cinnamon and oats. Again I had 2 helpings. I want this everyday.

I party almost everyday. But today was something which was very relaxed, very real. Nothing fake. No pretense. No gossip. No bitching. What was there was positivity. 
Thanks Leia, Shreya and Unnati.