03 May, 2012

Healthy lunch with Leia

God has His own ways of balancing things in life. I firmly believe that. Today, for some reason, I was quite disappointed with someone I know socially. This person had made me very upset.
But then, dear Leia had invited me, Unnati and Shreya for a fabulous and healthy lunch at her place. I just cannot describe how much positivity I feel amongst these young girls. They are intelligent, wise, positive, warm and so unlike some fake social butterflies I know. Meeting these dynamic girls, always leaves me with one thought- Life is beautiful. Three of them are incredibly soft spoken, talented and so full of life. Meeting them always reenergizes me. In my next blog post, I will post the pictures of the healthy food that I had at Leia's place.

With Leia's piano. Both Leia and Unnati teach piano.

Leia has done up her home just so beautifully. 

And I asked Leia to click this moving shot.