07 May, 2012

Sanna Chandna

Recently I saw a collection of Sanna Chandna at her fashion show. Sanna is a very young, upcoming designer. Her collection, as she described was inspired by James Bond 007. But me being a Tango aficionado, related the whole of the collection to Tango. I often pick clothes off the ramp (IF I like them). This designer and her collection was just so ME. Out of her 6 garments that she showcased, I picked 2 right there and then. You have to guess which ones did I pick. You will soon see me wearing them on the blog. But have patience. Not before I have worn them to one of Tango performance overseas. We have changed the lengths to suit me. 
Sanna is extremely creative and versatile designer. Her collection was fresh, bubbly and above all very Tangolicious. Both of us are August born (Does that mean anything? Wait till August to know).