07 May, 2012

Unfinished stories

How do you react when someone gives you a headline of some gossip- maybe about you and leaves the story unfinished and for you to guess? Some of you might plead, probe, to tell the full thing- Tell me- who said it, when, where, how, etc etc.
My reaction- To hell with you.
Why should I let anyone disturb my peace of mind by giving me a headline and unfinished story?
Is it some kind of joke? Are you deliberately wanting to disturb me?
Sorry I would not let you be successful in your gimmicks.
I leave it there and then. I do not even bother to ponder over it. But I do categorically tell the other person, "in future please do not even give me the headline and spare me this guessing game".
Allow no one to be able to disturb your peace of mind. Rather give your piece of mind to the other person.
You see, not taking names is understandable. Sometimes we do not wish to take names to respect other person's trust, confidentiality and privacy. But giving unfinished information is not acceptable. Spreading rumors (baseless) is not acceptable. Making someone else a scapegoat for your own actions is not acceptable. Using someone to get your things done, twisting the facts, is unacceptable.