22 June, 2012

Gaudi's first commission- the street lamps

Everywhere you go in Barcelona, you’ll see his influence and his buildings. Antoni Gaudi is to Barcelona as Frank Lloyd Wright is to Chicago. Gaudi is Barcelona’s most famous architect- not only because of his tragic death getting killed by a tram, but also because of his unique style, use of nature, and catalog of work. Antoni Gaudi was a Spanish Catalan architect who belonged to the Art Nouveau movement. Gaudí’s first designed in the style of Gothic and traditional Catalan architectural modes, but he soon developed his own famous style. He even developed a new method of structural calculation based on a model built with cords and sacks of lead. His work is a real visual treat. If you like unique architecture, consider doing something different in Barcelona and take a tour of Gaudi’s works.
The first commission that Gaudí received as an official from the city was to construct street lamps for the city. He designed them with three and six arms, crowned by a winged helmet, symbol of the commercial power of Barcelona. They are all gone now except for the ones that remain in the Placia Reial (Royal Square) off La Rambla. They are a lot more interesting than the modern ones that dot the city.

I was shown these lamp posts just as I was coming out of Pipa Club, after finishing the milonga.