21 June, 2012

Meditate and workout

Mulla’s wife is dressing up for a party.
Mulla (lovingly): You look so slim in this dress, my dear!
Mulla’s wife: Are you trying to say that I look fat in all my other dresses??!
Mullah: No, I’m thinking it may be time to change my glasses.

Often, we find that we want to do or say something but it is understood otherwise. There is a gap, creating misunderstandings. Meditation gives you the ability to see things as they are, understand them in the right spirit and also communicate them in a way that is pleasant. All three – observation, perception and expression – improve with meditation.

We spend a lot of our time and energy on relationships with others, but hardly any time on our relationship with ourselves. “If you don’t have a relationship with yourself, all other relationships become shallow. And if your relationship with yourself is so profound and steady then you naturally develop the skill to handle any kind of relationship around you,” says Sri Sri. Meditation develops your relationship with your Self.

Further, meditation purifies our intention. Our ability to wish well for others, to forgive and bless, is also nourished.

After days- maybe one week gap, I meditated today and worked out.
I have come back with a resolution after my holidays. Love myself. 
For sometime now, I was loving myself less and loving others more.

I meditated and worked out today.
The workout was- 15 minutes treadmill, 15 minutes cycling, 20 minutes dance workout/practice, followed by stretches. 
I avoided a party invite and catching up with friends invite and stayed majorly by myself. I also started my work today.