21 June, 2012

Tango bliss

This was my second milonga in Barcelona at a different venue. Oh! I must mention the partner I danced with who was/is incredible- great embrace, killer volcadas, super musicality. I gave him 10/10.
But I also met someone who was super super super Tango leader. I have never ever met that kind of leader. It was a bliss to dance with him. I just did not have to move. Everything went in auto pilot mode. His embrace was gentle, yet so firm. I floated effortlessly with him.
One of my family members asked me, what I liked so much about Tango. It is difficult to explain. Yet, I will try. For people who watch Tango (spectators), it might not be so appealing. Because they are not experiencing it. For a person who does it, it is a bliss. I can relate to it like my Art of Living philosophy. It is so NOW. The moment you take your mind away from NOW, you falter. It is so meditative.
Tango community is group of wonderful people who welcome you like a family anywhere you go. I go to a new place, not knowing a single person and come back with great friends and memories.
Tango music, ambiance, people, clothes, shoes, leaders, followers, all make it so special.
I can just site an example. Imagine watching a person who is sitting still and meditating. How long can you keep watching that person and enjoy? Not very long. And you may ponder, what is he/she achieving by sitting in that posture for hours. But ask him about the experience and for him the time would seem to fly. He opens his eyes, feeling so one with the world, with the universe, with himself.
When I open my eyes after a song, that is what I have experienced (provided it is a good leader).
Tango then becomes so addictive. You actually have withdrawal if you do not get your good dance. I do have it.

During the milonga I had these strawberries and the tastiest chocolates. I polished off two such plates.