17 August, 2012

Blame Game

Q: Gurudev, what to do when someone blames your character or integrity?

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar: There is a very beautiful couplet in Kannada that says, ‘What do you say to a person who is scared of noise but has built his house in the market?’
‘What do say to a person who has built a home on the seashore and hates waves?’
‘What do you say to a person who has built a home in the forest and is scared of animals?’
In the same way, what do you tell a person who lives in society and is scared of accusations, blames and praises?
People blame and they say things, what can you do? Educate and ignore.

The Vedantic Truth is that, the more explanation you seek, the more confused you become. Vedantic words are to be heard and allowed to sink. When it sinks in, then it comes as an experience. If I say you are Divine, you will ask me, ‘How is it that I am Divine?’ There is no way to explain. When you go deep into meditation, you suddenly realize, ‘Ah, I am Divine.’

Even if you have done all good and nothing but good still people will blame you. They will see you as not right or not straight. What can you do? Nothing!
As I said, even when you have done nothing wrong still people become your enemies. How many of you here have experienced this? (Many in the audience raise their hands).
You did not do any harm to them but they have become your enemies.
Similarly, you have not done any big favors for some people but they have become your friends, isn’t it?!
So becoming a friend or an enemy works on some other special law and that is Karma.
If you have no words or no explanation for certain happenings, it is Karma. That is just how it happens. So don't worry if people blame you for things that you have not done. Don't get disturbed.

It is easy to say don't get disturbed. You do get disturbed, but at that time this wisdom will help you – ’It is some strange Karma, let it be there. So what, what can we do? That is the nature of the world.’
In this way you should make yourself dispassionate. One who is dispassionate always remains joyful.