18 August, 2012

Few random facts about me

Noises (read: anything loud sound and voices) startle/ irritate/ jolt me.
Hence, I always keep my phone on silent.
I keep my TV/ music volume very low.
I prefer to talk softly and dislike anyone/everyone talking to me too loud. If you want that I should listen to you, you got to talk to me softly, nicely, politely. I assure you, your point will be heard. You scream, shout, abuse, you are out of my friend list immediately.
Honking bugs me.

I am just too punctual. I really want to be late sometimes but I cannot be.

I can blog anytime/ anywhere e.g this blog post got written on my iphone while waiting in my car and will be posted too from my phone.

I am very friendly and helpful. But, I am also very protective about myself. I would not let anyone use me and get away by taking an advantage of me.
I believe that to err is human but to do the same mistake twice is stupid and foolish. I, certainly, am not foolish.

People who are too repetitive and harp the same tune irritate me.
People who live in their past/ in their make believe fantasy world or of past glory, also irritate me. Because, I firmly believe in living in present.
Fake people really get on my nerves and I am very good at spotting them. I gel with genuine, nice people.
I also cannot stand people who are too hyper or paranoid. I remain calm and composed and expect the same from others.

I do not like if someone tells me what to put on my fb timeline and what not to put. It is my space and I like to have full right on it. If you do not like anything I say, you have full right to unfriend me, unsubscribe me, etc but what you do not have is the right to tell me what I should or should not do.
I dislike when people tag me in pictures on fb which are not mine. Those pictures could be their trophies, medals, their work, birds, butterfly, candles, etc. I am not those things. I immediately untag myself from them. Sometimes I even unfriend that person. There is a thing called "share" or message to inbox, for those kind of things. Fools! Please do not tag me in random pictures.
I dislike the "poke" button on fb. For heaven sake, who pokes you even in real life? At least give me a "slap" button too in lieu of "poke" button.

I consider myself to be the best and the safest driver. That is my opinion.

I believe in Love. I enjoy being loved, hugged, cuddled. I also cannot see anyone in pain. Anyone's pain, sorrow, grief, brings tears in my eyes. Oh! I am a cry baby. I cry in movie halls, while watching a TV and while reading a book. It is so easy to win me for life with one act of kindness. But that is where I misjudge people too.

Whatever I receive, I double up and return. It could be love, hatred, attitude, kindness, anger, abuse, bullshit, anything. You got to take back double of whatever you give me.

I am never afraid to speak my mind.

Am I happy? I am very HAPPY person. Because I live in present. Because I do not care about what others think of me.

I believe that most of the things one desires are expensive but most of the things that really satisfy us are free- love, joy, laughter.

I also believe that each successful person has a painful story and each painful story has a successful ending.
I believe in the concept of "Blessing in disguise". There is a Supreme power that will take care of us, that is taking care of us.

Look into the motives behind your actions. Often you don't go for things that you really want. You go for things because others want it. And you are not clear what you want because you never looked into yourself.
Imbibe this: Independence means depending on the inside. You are miserable when you want things from others for comfort. 'I am independent' means 'I am inner-dependent.' So I want nothing from anybody.