01 August, 2012


It's just a little bag, but we feel naked in public without it. 

- Carrie, Sex and the City -

What can be more true that this short, but to the point, quote by Carrie? Whatever we do, wherever we go the one fashion item that is always present in our lives is a bag. Be it handbag, shoulder bag, clutch, minimal, maximal, too small for your phone, or big enough to house an entire weekend attire, the bag is our trusty sidekick. And whether our baggage, especially emotional one, is big or small there is always a bag for it.

Bag: Lacoste

Dress: It is old one. From my export line. Also worn here before.

Glares: LV

Necklace and bracelets : Dilli haat

I like this Salsa belt. Bought it in Pondicherry from Hidesign. It is old one. Now I do not buy leather anymore. 

One day a young monk on his journey home, came to the banks of a wide river. Staring hopelessly as he pondered on just how to cross such a wide barrier, he spotted a great teacher on the other side.
The young monk shouted over to the teacher, "Oh wise one, can you tell me how to get to the other side of this river?"
The teacher pondered for a moment and shouted back, "Son, you ARE on the other side".