09 August, 2012

Olive in Delhi

Contentment means embracing a sense of satisfaction and sufficiency. Contentment sees the cup half full, the beauty and bounty that are available to us. It allows us to take pleasure in what we have and what we are, even life's simplest offerings. It frees us from envy and longing and so makes us generous.

Olive is an Italian restaurant in Mehrauli, close to Qutub Minar in Delhi. It is all white and reminds you of Greece. I have my few posts earlier here, here and here. 
In the background Qutub Minar can be seen from a distance.

What I wore

Top: Bought in Frankfurt. Also worn here
Skirt: Zara. Also worn here
Heels: Somewhere in Delhi
Bag: Coach. This is my latest one. Really cute. Gift from sister.

I found this great link on nail art. Check it here.