11 September, 2012

Buy Poly silk sarees

Here is a range Poly silk Saris. These come at throw away prices. Each sari has a contrast palla plus border and a body. I have tried to show them in the first three saris more clearly for you to get an idea of the whole sari.

To place your order, email me at
Quote the number mentioned for each sari to place your order.
Shipping charges extra.
I ship worldwide.
Each Sari is for Rs. 1400/-

1. Fuchsia and orange

2. Gold and red

This is the palla of the above sari

3. Silver grey and red

4. Blue and gold

5. Gold and red

6. Greenish double shade with red and gold

7. Yellow and gold

8. Blue and red

9. Green and red

10. Pink and red

11. Green and gold

12. Blue and red

13. Pink and gold

14. Orange and gold

15. Deep pink and gold

16. Aubergine and gold

17. Green and red

18. Orange and gold

19. Rust and gold

20. Blue and red

21. Blue and gold

22. Black and red

23. Blue green and gold

24. Cream and red

25. Black and red

26. Red and gold

27. Maroon and green

28. Coffe and blue

29. Dark green and light green