11 September, 2012

Dear friend's Birthday/ unveiling of designer friend's collection

It was a very dear friends surprise Birthday bash in Ciros Pomodoro. We danced to a live band and had a blast.

I wore this maxi. It is a gift from a designer friend. Inspired by the Greek Goddesses, her range  includes limited-edition classics, a brilliant mix of eras, styles, fabrics and color palettes, soft feminine laces, fluid drapes and structures to truly ignite the Prima Donna in every lady.These are very contemporary global trends that have been brought within an extremely affordable range.

I am personally very impressed by her Pret and couture collection and have endorsed it for a while. I wanted my friends to see and get a feel of this very special collecti

On my special request, she has agreed to do a special preview for my dear friends on 14th of this month. If you are interested to see her collection, drop me an email at

for your personal invite.

I personally urge all of you to drop in, experience and enjoy this special unveiling of her designs over wine and cheese, high tea and canapes.