18 September, 2012

Confessions of a Danceholic


I am addicted- Addicted to dancing. Any dance form, any time, any where, bring it on.
Tango remains my first love. 
All the rest fall in the second bracket.
I do not teach. But I am more than happy to help out friends and/or assist a teacher. But I tell them that I am no teacher. I dance for myself and my soul. Dancing just uplifts me.

Recently I have learnt Zouk too. While, I can safely and comfortably do zouk now, I am not hooked to it. I will soon be learning swing and lindy hop too (I know bits and pieces of it) but now I will take more classes for it.

Lets see which all dance forms I have tried my hands on so far.
Indian classical- Kathak, Bhatnatyam, Odissi, Manipuri.
Indian folk- Bhangra, Dandiya, Bihu.
Also Bollywood
Ballroom- TANGO, cha cha, jive, lindy hop, mambo, quickstep, rumba, bit of samba, Viennese Waltz, waltz.
Latin- Salsa, salsa rueda, merengue, bachata, zouk, lambada, kizomba, polka.
Also learnt and done- conga, country line, chacarera, zumba, twist, bit of chinese dance, rock and roll, reggaeton,
Can do bit of jazz
Regret not doing- ballet in early childhood.
Love watching ice skating and figure skating.
To do list- flamenco, dabke, belly dance, pole dancing.