17 September, 2012

Every dark cloud has a silver lining.

Next time when you have any type of dilemma, be it moral, ethical, or frivolous, put yourself in the other person's shoes(only theoretically, unless, of course, they're really really nice shoes). Eliminate those famous shades of grey, because they're actually only a weak replica of black and white. And begin looking at all the wonderful colors that give dimension and originality to any situation.

Wish on everything. Stars of course- first stars and shooting stars.  Planes will do if they are the first light in the sky and look like stars.  Wish in tunnels, when a train is passing above, when you see a mail van, when an eyelash falls on your cheek, ask for a wish.  Birthday candles.  Baby teeth.  

Wish on everything and anything, because things may change, and people may leave, but it is in your power to change your attitude, your day, and your fate. In life, it is generally believed that every cloud has a silver lining. 

So begin the week with hope and laughter. 

On Sun, 16th September was International Zouk flashmob. I had been practicing with my partner for past 2 months. But on the day, my partner had very high fever and just could not get up. I had no option but to "accept people and situations the way they are" and ask for a wish.

Me tired (dead tired after practice)

And then my wonderful Salsa partner showed up. In fact, he asked me to show up and participate and we zouked it. We had so much fun dancing free style. Delhi witnessed the first Zouk Flashmob. 
 Big Thank you and hug to my salsa partner. He rocked it. Idrees you are the best.

No I am not biting his finger. His hand is just right in front of my face (teeth).