22 September, 2012

Party before viral fever

Yours Truly has been very unwell. High fever and viral stuck me. And I was looking after myself alone. I was unconscious and dehydrated. And then I went to the hospital all by myself, got myself admitted, took I.V fluids and regained some strength back. The fever has not gone completely but at least I am on my way to recovery. 

These party pictures are of one night prior to when viral fully stuck me. I was feverish in the evening but I am a very committed person too. Despite being feverish, I had to attend this friend's do. But you can see that I am not in my full element. I am rather looking little drained out. But I just don't believe in making excuses. What has to be done, has to be done. Anyone who stands by me even once, wins me for a lifetime. And the one who does not, may not count on me ever. The rule is simple. No?