25 September, 2012

Post viral fever

I have finally recovered from viral fever. Thank you readers for all your "get well soon emails". More than 400 emails have poured in and I have not been able to individually reply to you. But I do appreciate your concern and they do touch my heart.
Yes, it was a bad patch I went through. Very high fever and terrible body ache. I hope I have put it all behind.
One regret now I will have- I was training for 21 km marathon and my timing was excellent too. Now I will not be able to participate. All the strength, endurance, energy, is gone. Today, I could not even walk couple of kilometers, leave aside running.
My weight is all time low, my eyes are sunken in, and my complexion really pale. I look horrible. I have lost my muscle.
For next few days, till I have regained my good form and shape, no more photographs. :(
Aiming for strength training, cardiovascular endurance, good muscle tone from tomorrow. Yes, slowly and steadily. In a week, I will be there again.
This viral does take a toll.
Yes, my elder one did immediately fly down to be with me and take care of me. :)