15 October, 2012

Is it love or is it dove?

Have you ever felt any or all of these in the presence of that someone most special? Do you know what I am talking about? This is not just in romantic novels and movies. These are actual experiences.

Churning or butterfly in the stomach
Knees going weak and turning into jelly
Feeling more alive
Feeling someone feeling you from a distance in the crowd.
Feeling someone's electrifying presence.
Feeling numb in someone's arms.
Heart beating faster.
Gushing and blushing.
Brain stopping to work.
Feeling someone stare at you, even when you have lowered your gaze.
Feeling someone's heavy heart beat in a close embrace
Feeling the whole world swirl around
Feeling a magical touch and effect
Freezing, stopping to breathe (or breathing heavy), getting into a tizzy
Feeling the unsaid words loud and clear.
Feeling nervous, anxious, excited and very comfortable all at the same time.
Feeling like smiling whenever you think of someone. Feeling that longing.
Getting high on someone's scent.
Missing someone as soon as that person is gone.
The feeling which does not fade away with time but in fact continues to get stronger.
Feeling someone remove a strand of hair from your face.
Feeling of complete surrender.
Feeling one soul two bodies.
Sleeping most blissfully in someone's arms.
Feeling being kissed even when you are fast asleep.
Waking up to gaze into most beautiful eyes looking intently at you- with a hint of naughtiness and smile in that face and that look
Feeling that these moments should never end.

What do you think this feeling is? There is no second guessing. You know what it is. It is a feeling that you've never felt before. It is one hell of a feeling if both the people feel the same with same intensity.