14 October, 2012

Pantene Indiblogger meet

Pantene had organized Indiblogger's meet in ITC Sheraton hotel. I got to meet so many fellow bloggers from Delhi. It was an all women's meet. There were some fun games and promotions of Pantene. 

She was a doctor from Brazil, answering questions about hair and beauty and also of course promoting Pantene.

Hall full of fellow bloggers. There is one prominent face you see in the picture. Her blog is called my unfinished life. Here is her blog link.

I connected with fellow bloggers and we exchanged notes. Her blog is a Mum's blog. Here is the link.

Her blog is colorific. Here is the link.

Towards the end, we were made into teams and were given lots of flowers. Out of those we had to create a flower arrangement and out of given words, we had to create a jingle. As seen below, we were busy doing our arrangement.

This is what we made.  
Today I missed Leia. She would have done it so well. Leia please start blogging again.