16 November, 2012

Designer saree vs traditional saree

I have always advocated traditional Sarees over embroidered, designers' bling sarees. 
Here is another example. Which looks tacky and sloppy? And which looks classy and sophisticated? One look is- "trying hard to be", wannabe, desperately crying for attention. While the other look is underplayed, muted, subtle, charming, poised, confident and sure. The essence of womanhood.
One on the left, is done by designer Manish Malhotra. The one on the right is done by rural Indian weavers. Manish Malhotra saree must be ten times more expensive. The one done by the weavers is a timeless, classic, amaranthine and evergreen piece. Which one would you go for?
If you have to wear an Indian Saree, do it the traditional way. If you want designer bling, embroidery, go for lehenga, anarkali, suit (salwar kameez), even dresses and gowns for that matter. But leave the saree alone.