17 November, 2012

Rules of friendship

I believe that a man's character can be judged, not just by the company he keeps but even by the tenure of his friends. I am still in touch with my school and college friends. We live miles and continents apart but we meet and are constantly in touch. Those are the kind of friendships where you can be your true self and open your heart out.
In a journey of life you meet many new people. With some you have new friendships, some are there only for a season and others for a reason.
When you meet new people, be courteous to all, but intimate to only few and let those few be well tried and tested before giving them your confidence. Because as Buddha said, "an insincere and evil friend is  to be feared more than an evil beast." And when I say, be courteous to all, it implies do not be friends to all. Because a friend to all is a friend to none.
I also have another rule for myself regarding intermingling my profession and my work. I never make my friends my clients but I make my clients my friends.