16 January, 2013

Back off

Some people are not happy in their own lives and they have no other work/job but to poke nose in other's lives, know what is going on, pass a judgement, spread some rumors, talk behind their back, create a rift and just be jealous. What a low state of leading life.
I, on the other hand, am completely opposite of the above. I have no interest in knowing/judging other people's life. I remain too much in love with myself and when I get to know about people like above, it disturbs me (only momentarily) and then I move on.
Recently, my husband told me about "his friends," who read my blog, pass their own judgement and even have an audacity to go and talk to him about me and try and create a rift between us. What happens between a couple is/should be, none of anyone's business. What we are, how we handle things/lead our lives should not be anyone's concern. Through this bog post, I am targeting those so called friends and asking them to back off. We are two mature adults who are handling our lives well. You have no business to interfere in our lives, specially based on reading my blog. Be concerned about your own lives and your relationships, which are far from perfect. Try to refrain from giving your unsolicited advice.