20 January, 2013

Girls night out with Andrea

As mentioned in the earlier post here, my Tango partner Andrea had planned a nice evening out for both of us.
After finishing our Tango practice, we went to eat something. We went to a place called Arigato in Amherst. It was a Japanese sushi place. Arigatto in Japanes means Thank you.

Thats Andrea.

It was a live sushi bar.

And I saw how sushi was made. 

We had Avocado and mushroom sushi.

So happy after polishing it all off.

Then we went to watch a movie- Barbara. It was a french movie with English subtitles. It was very believable, very real movie. I liked it.

The movie hall is opposite Amherst Library.

And then finally at Andrea's home. Posing time.

Andrea has a place where she can have Tango class or a small milonga. Could not help striking a pose there.