21 January, 2013

Learning Tango from Daniel Trenner

It is a blessing to have a good teacher- someone you can connect to, someone who understands you, someone who shows you the light and the path. In my case, it is Daniel Trenner.
Confession- I am a difficult student. I take time to learn. I need to be shown a thing over and over again. I do not get it in the first go. And on top of it I freak out.
Yesterday, I do not know what was it- maybe I was/am homesick, maybe the cold was affecting me, or maybe I was already thinking about being home and missing my classes and time with Daniel, but I freaked out. I freaked out thinking that I do not know enough. That there is so much more to be covered and the time is running. It was the same fear, we all have before the exams. I did not want to dance. I wanted a break. It was a weekend, so I sent him a message saying that, "I do not want to dance but I want to talk to you."
Daniel, at that moment was more than a teacher. He was a father, mother, grandma, sister, brother, friend (certainly not a boy friend), gentleman, teacher, master, probably a magician too. He was Mr. Miyagi. At that moment, only he could have handled a freaked out student like me.
By evening I was in studio dancing happily and I had my best class with him.

Stop envying me.