21 January, 2013

Sensuality vs Sexuality

Very few people understand the difference between Sensuality and Sexuality.  Many dance forms are very sensual. Tango is very sensual. It requires high level of energy, it gives you enjoyment and a feeling of abandonment. There is a close body contact. But do not confuse it with being sexual.
Sensuality is what is appropriate between the dancers. Whereas sexuality is personal intimacy and happens in closed environment.
Everybody has the structural and functional traits of sexuality, but not all have the quality or the state of mind to have sensuality.
Sensuality has nothing to do with the sexual feelings. But it includes all the feelings, thoughts and behavior associated with being male or female, being attractive, being able to enjoy the world as we know through the five senses- taste, touch, smell, sound and sight. It is awareness of your own body and other people's body and the way it functions and influences many aspects of life.