25 January, 2013

Plain Jane

As I sit in front of my lap top and ponder about what to blog- I realize, I have nothing to blog about.
These days, there are no fashionable clothes (dresses) that I wear, that I can blog about. (I have never ever been this Plain Jane), no beautiful shoes, no nail art, no shopping, no make up, no Delhi parties that I used to attend with my group of friends, no pictures of my fitness/dance studio, no interesting food.
Life is still not as boring as it might appear while reading this blog post. It is interesting, full and complete.
It is full of yoga, meditation and dancing. That is all I do. I listen to music and update my knowledge of Tango music, and I spend hours in dance studio. I practice, I get frustrated, I eat (my simple vegan food), I read wonderful emails of my readers, and of my friends, who have stayed connected to me. I read a lot and most of all, I look forward to being home, meeting my friends and starting my Tango class in New Delhi.
Am I nervous about it? Not in the least. I am excited and am so looking forward to it. Its a feeling like, when you are expecting (are pregnant) and few weeks are left for you to see your baby, and you are counting days. Or it is a feeling when you are all set to give your exams, all prepared and want the exams to get over with, or are waiting for your results.
But as of now, I have no interesting blog posts. Soon I will have as I will embark my exciting journey as Tango teacher in Delhi. But till then, its a period of Ms. Plain Jane.