25 January, 2013

Such is life

I just came across a blog- fashion blog. And I am aghast.
I will not be mean in quoting the url link of the blog but it certainly is WTHeyy!!
It is a girl from India (Bangaluru). She is fat, ugly and on top it, she has most atrocious style of dressing, colors, styling and even posing and expressions (ghostly). Nothing seems right. I mean, I have never come across such blog. What? How? Why? I can't come out of my shock.
Someone please wake me out of my shock. Some people can get everything wrong.

Anyhoo!! it has happened to all of us at some point of time or the other. There is one phase of life when you just adore a thing, place, person, act, etc. You think you cannot live without it. That your life revolves around it. And few years down, your exposure grows and your horizon widens and you look back and say, "Hmm! was that me? Why was I craving for it? Naah!! not worth it."
But there are other things that stay with you all your life. Those are your underlying passions- that define you.

My this sojourn, into the Tango world has changed me and perspectives a lot. It has made me more secure, more sure, more in charge, more collected and more calm. The leaders I used to dance with, in Delhi earlier (considered them good), today I look back and say- Naah! eeks! was that me? WTHeyy!!
Some of my earlier technique, I look back and feel completely disgusted about.
Bottom line is never cease to grow or else you will be stuck and would not be able to separate wheat from the chaff.