07 February, 2013

Comments and likes on facebook

Who does not like to be praised? We all do. Capturing this mentality, probably, facebook developed its "LIKE" button and a comment section. Long time back, I had disabled the comment section of this blog. Because it was tiresome to read: "Great blog post, ""love your blog," "you look beautiful,"etc . over and over again. To stay in touch with my genuine readers, who had genuine things to say, I found email much better. This year, my resolution was to stay away from likes and comments on facebook. I stopped uploading any pictures on facebook or any status updates. I use facebook only to promote my work (NDTS) or to message my friends. Not to randomly like and comment. Yes, I want lot of Likes for NDTS because that is my work page- Tango movement that I am initiating in Delhi.
There are people, who get into a group simply by showering praises in flowery language with all the "icious" business and pressing likes. Isn't that the easiest thing to do- sit in front of your cheap lap top and comment. In return you get free car rides, free lunches and free parties to attend. If you are finding an easy method to climb the social ladder, then this is the sure success route to adopt. But in my opinion, it is "ass licking," which I am terribly bad in doing. Rather, I should say, I suck at it. I am a person, who firmly believes in personality and talent. If I have to rise up, if someone has to befriend me, it has to be on my own merit and not on the basis of "icious" praises. Such shallow praises mean nothing to me and I certainly cannot pamper you with them just to get into your system. That is not me. Mine may not be easiest and quickest way to success but I am really not looking for short cuts. I may take longer but I attain everything with dignity and integrity. For me, that is more important.