07 February, 2013

Words of wisdom, for followers, in Tango

Words of Daniel Trenner keep echoing in my ears/heart/mind/soul. I am not revealing as to, in what context he said these and also not writing what he said to me as a leader (maybe some other time). But these lines made me such a powerful follower. Not a submissive, docile, "waiting for the lead," type of follower.

To me as a follower in Tango

Did you have a good look at him? One look at him should have been enough to tell you that he is an idiot. Given a chance, he would fail and falter. Do not trust him.
Leader, even when she is a woman, is an idiot. Do not trust him/her.
He knows nothing.
Did you see whether he deserves you?
Before saying yes to any man for a dance, look at him first.
If there is a fault, he should say sorry.
Like Argentine woman of earlier times, be on alert, 24/7. She must be self confident, pretty, assured, not worried about doing anything wrong. She can only be right.
He is a dumb macho. There is a little dumb in every macho.
Make him your man.
If he tells you that you are at fault, say, "Yes Dear" and then do exactly what you want to do.
Follower is solely responsible for the dance. He does nothing because he knows nothing.
If he misbehaves, you say, "no dear. You may do this to other women but with me, you will behave."
Women does not surrender. She takes charge.
Your job is- beauty, form, shape, feeling, embrace, relationship.
Tell him, "come to me". But Shhh! he cannot know. He must interpret your control as your desire for him.
Being in control of a relationship is follower.
Good follower can make anything she wants out of a bad leader.
Be a snob. Be more snob. Say No to a leader if he does not deserve you. Do not dance with any and every one.
As a Indian woman, you have been doing this in your life. Do it now in your dance too.