08 February, 2013

Random facts about me

I do not ever want to be:

Non dancer/ not be able to dance
Bad mom
Too busy to forget meditation
Non vegan
Non compassionate
Under confident
Taken advantage of
Physically hit/ Assaulted
Loosing my dear ones 

Few things I can handle and do not care about

Accusations (the false ones)- Because I know the truth.
Gossip/bitching about me- For the same reason as above.
Jealousy, hatred, etc- For the same reason as above.
Unnecessary praise, like, comments- For the same reason as above.
Isolation/Rejection- Because I love myself.
Anything that you do, say, wear, etc. that does not affect me personally- For the same reason as above

Certain unusual traits about me- Unusual, because you may not agree with me. But that is how I operate.

Am bit unforgiving. You act nasty, abusive, etc to me, you will be finished for your life.
I believe in- You scratch my back, I will scratch yours.
You do not come to my social do, I would not be seen dead in yours.
You come for my social do, I will make it to yours, even if I am dying.
You do not invite me to your party, you will be stuck off from my guest list immediately.
You do me a favor. I make sure that it is returned well.

To impress me, you should be

Vegetarian. Vegan would earn you more brownie points.
good dancer. Know how to ask for a dance using Cabaceo. Escort back to seat after finishing a dance.
good looking
well spoken
well read
well dressed, smell good, have clean hands and feet, and wear nice shoes
having good wit and humor
respectful, gentle and compassionate
not caring much about what others would say or think
soft spoken
chivalrous. Open the door, pull a chair, offer to carry heavy bags.
enjoying and loving life
having passions, interests and hobbies
calm, composed and confident
mature and wise
person of your words and commitments
tech savy

Quite similar to above, yet more specified: Sure shot ways to piss me

Be loud, scream, shout, get abusive.
Panic. Show that you are losing your cool and nerve.
Act immature, childish.
Smell bad. Dress up bad. Have bad hygiene habits. Be sloppy.
Eat big amount of meat with me.
Just to demonstrate your brawn, get into unnecessary scuffle. Maybe hit someone.
Try to get fresh with me.
Treat me with disrespect. Show your power with me. Throw your weight around me.
Try to be possessive about me and not give me space.
Criticize me.
Try to tell me what to wear and what not to wear.
Do not keep your word.
Keep me waiting.
Constantly seek my attention.
Show your incompetence.
Be uptight, rigid, superstitious, suspicious.
Lie to me.
Be manipulative, scheme and plot.
Be inconsiderate.
Give lame excuses.
Act like a jerk.
Start making a fool of yourself after getting drunk.