09 February, 2013

Stand Alone

In thesaurus, synonym for "Stand Alone" is only one- Being complete. Standing alone, away from the rat race, makes you complete not incomplete. Get rid of the herd mentality. If you have an opinion, do not be afraid to voice it out. Do not live in a fear of what others would say or think about you. That you will be isolated and rejected. That others who are together and united, have more power than you. That they are having fun and you are alone and miserable. That they, together as a group, can ruin you. No, none of this is true.
It takes nothing to join the crowd. (Well! all it takes is a bit of ass licking. You can read about it here.) It takes everything to stand alone. When you know you are right, do not be afraid to stand alone. Do not regret it, do not apologize for it. It only shows your strength, courage, wisdom, integrity and dignity. You just rise up in your own eyes and you realize what you have in you. It is not isolation. It is independence and contentment. Leaning on a crutch, latching onto someone and being a parasite or a creeper is never a solution. Sometimes you have to stand alone to prove that you can stand without support. Power is in standing alone and habit is in leaning onto others. If you need strength, look for it within yourself instead of seeking for it outside. It is not easy but you rather stand alone than be surrounded by fake, shallow and disloyal people. When you have a belief and when you know something ought to be done, then have courage to stand alone. Every great accomplishment starts with a decision to try. Keep life simple and enjoyable by doing what you know in your heart is right.  Believe in the sun even when it is not shining.
We live in a world, where very few people take a stand, until and unless they are affected personally. The mentality is, "Why should I get into it? It is their problem, not mine." The mentality is, "let it go." People are afraid to speak their mind, for the fear of being misunderstood or alienated. Very few people are original because to be original, you have to stand alone. A dot becomes a period only if it stands alone. It takes one single person to initiate the movement, bring in a whole new revolution and a change. Either stand alone or bury your ambitions.