16 May, 2013

Fashion faux pas- women's shoes

I have stated before my dislike for pumps in my previous blog post here. The ugliest fashion trend in women's shoes is platforms, pumps, clogs, blocks and wedges. They completely defeat the purpose of heels. The purpose of heels is not just to make you look taller but even slender. The legs should look long, lean, thin and sexy. On the contrary, blocks makes the legs look stocky, big and broad.
Consider the way you walk in a pair of chunky heels. The heavier sole and heel bring your foot down all at once and widen your stance. What we put on at the ends of our legs visually aids our eyes. Think of it this way: You don't wear bulky clothes to appear slim, so you don't wear bulky shoes to look slim, either.

I have witnessed innumerable times women dancing in pumps and falling in the middle of the dance floor. For heaven's sake, pumps are not meant for dancing. They can never make you pivot and you are bound to fall and make a laughing stock of yourself. 
Now, Consider how you walk in skinny high heels. Your body appears to move in a daintier manner. When a woman puts on a pair of high heels, her back arches and her calf muscles tighten, creating the illusion of lean muscular legs. To maintain balance when walking, she turns her hips and pelvis in a manner that slims the overall silhouette. It's similar to the photo slimming trick of angling your body toward the camera and strutting one leg forward
Wear the right heels. 
My preferred and chosen footwear in heels are my tango heels. They have a nice heel cage, straps. They are flat from front and have beautiful heels. They are perfect stilettos. The dancers prefer them because of some reason. (Because they are pretty, they make you look pretty, they are comfortable and you can almost run in them, without falling). On daily basis, normally, I like flat, cute shoes like ballerinas. They are exquisite and comfortable. They sail you through your daily chores and prepare your feet for heels later. 
In winters, I like high boots. At home, I am always in my fitflops. 
Girls please wear the right shoes and dispose off all your ugly pairs. They are nothing but an eye sore.