16 May, 2013

Tango Truths

Why do you seek love? Do you seek pleasure in love or pain in love or both? We must be in control of both the pain and the pleasure. Because they make the whole truth. In the meanwhile in pursuit of your search, for real love, you can dance to those real emotions of both pleasure and pain and enjoy Tango. Because that real truth, in real sense is nothing but Tango. In Tango, there is a invisible, timeless bond between the two people that interlinks and intertwines them. They share an energy in the embrace, which is subtle yet very powerful. The moments they share are irrevocable.
The most romantic, sensual, seductive, passionate, emotional, sad, gloomy, mesmerizing, dance in the world, is Tango. It is a dance of love, of mystique. It is profound, meditative, healing, fulfilling, expanding, connecting, exciting, mellowing, giving, taking, encompassing, exhilarating, celebrating and thrilling. These are not just mere words. These actually define Tango. It takes your whole life and whole being and yet it gives you life and your purpose of being.
Cacho Dante, a well known milonguero and great Tango teacher said: “Bailar bien no es igual que saber milonguear” (To dance well isn’t the same as knowing how to dance social). Follow (los codigos de la milonga) codes of the milonga. The “codigos” are:
  • Do not step backward
  • Keep your line of dance
  • Keep your feet on the floor.
  • Once you have accepted the Cabaceo, you are obliged to do full tanda with your partner. There should be a very significant reason for you to end your dance before the tanda finishes. If you must do so, do it very discreetly and without making any scene.
  • Dancing with someone is not doing a favor to him or her. The proper response after a dance to "Thank You", is "Thank you" and not "You are welcome".
And for laymen. Know the difference between a class, a practica and a milonga.Teaching and learning a new step is done in class. It is practiced under supervision in a guided practica. And milonga is a social where, you should never teach. Here you just do whatever you have learnt and practiced.