15 July, 2013

Diary of Tango aficionado

Tango community, from all over the world, inspires me, gives me reason to smile and breathe. Earlier, I could somehow manage to be a part of the rut, the artificialities of Delhi. Now, I just cannot stand it. It suffocates me. My friend list is a clear demarcation between Tango dancers and non tango dancers. The later are reducing remarkably. Whereby the former are increasing on every day basis. I can connect only with intelligent people of substance who have some passions. I have nothing to talk to the women who are fake inside out. And there is no dearth of them in Delhi. I am constantly cutting out/ shredding all the frivolous things/people from my life and sticking to the ones that I believe in, that give me real joy. I switch off completely amongst featherbrained.