23 July, 2013

Sitges Tango Festival

Recently I was in Sitges (Spain), for Sitges Tango festival. Lots of posts will be coming soon. But first things first. Here are the legends of Tango- the maestros, from whom I took classes. I have already written about some of the greatest teachers from whom I took classes in a blogpost here before. 

Seen below is Gustavo Naveira and his wife Giselle Anne. Gustavo Naveira (1960 - ) is an Argentine tango dancer and teacher who contributed to the detailed analysis of the movements of dancing to Argentine tango.He is probably the teacher that has influenced tango-dance teaching the most, in all its styles and worldwide. He managed to clarify concepts about the structure of the dance. This has allowed many to understand tango dance better and teaching levels have risen considerably thanks to these concepts.

He exposed the different uses of the axis and the structure of the turn ('giro'). He managed to translate this structure to the whole dance simplifying it all in 'cruce adelante', 'apertura' and 'cruce atrĂ¡s'. He also managed to clarify the different ways of understanding and explaining changes of directions and he also transmitted the interpretation of rhythmical patterns specially the so called 'cincopations'.

He is also one of the main influences of Chicho Frumboli's beginnings as a tango dancer.
Gustavo is a living legend in Tango in true sense. His classes were simply awesome. He simplifies the most complicated things. In the festival, Gustavo had special seminars. 

Leaning from Sebastian Arce and his partner Mariana Montes was fun. It re emphasized my belief that learning just from his videos (the way self claimed "Tango teacher" does in Delhi), is just not the same as learning from him in person. He is a fabulous teacher. 

Mariana Montes is not just drop dead gorgeous but a great Tanguera. Her footwork, her embelishments are to die for.

Then I took classes from Fabian Peralta, another great and popular teacher. 

Seen below is his partner- Josefina Bermudez.

Seen below are wonderful teachers- Aoniken Quiroga and Luna Palacios. Despite his weight, he moved just so light and so perfect.

And last but certainly not the least, wonderful teachers and wonderful persons- Fernando Jorge and Alexandra Bladaque. It was also very nice to interact with them.