13 August, 2013

Delhi Tango community

It has been just few months since I started my Tango school- NDTS- New Delhi Tango School. It has already created its mark. It has beaten the other milonga and festival organizer hollow. They are getting agitated. Tango community is talking. The other "2 idiots", as the Tango community addresses them, are getting desperate. These "idiots" started propagating, "But Kiran cannot produce good leaders". And thanks to my training, I proved them wrong. In a very short span of time, I produced leaders who are way better than any of the leaders their school has ever produced in years. In every way- musicality, repertoire, navigation skills, floor craft, embrace, connection, technique, everything. The proof of this fact is also that their leaders have started pouring in my classes. Sadly, they had to first unlearn the old bad habits and they had to start with my beginners. Because they had learnt nothing there. Absolutely nothing. They just wasted their time and money there.

Recently, we concluded very successful workshops, privates and performances by 2 wonderful international teachers and performers. The other organizer got so desperate that he sent messages  and even his girlfriend personally to my studio, just to convey to these teachers that they should also conduct classes for him. Of course, he was refused. Of course, I gave a piece of my mind to this girl, who came to my studio on the pretext of taking a class from these teachers and tried promoting my competitor in my very own premises. I also gave a piece of my mind to another so called organizer from Mumbai, who was trying to send these teachers to the other milonga in Delhi. These people never improve. They seem to have no self respect. They get insulted and defeated every time but they still want to try and bear more insults. They are hopeless and shameless. I am amazed at the audacity and the desperation. The teachers were conveyed that they would get more students only if they were not taking classes in my studio. But the teachers knew very well, that they would not get more students but would loose out on a large number of my regular and loyal students if the classes were not in my studio.

In just a few months of opening my Tango school, the situation of Delhi Tango community has changed. The air has become more breathable and things will only get better from here. Today, I have my own tango community. By the end of this year, the quantity and the quality will only get better. But the dirty politics and desperation of my competitor is going from bad to worse. The only respite is that now I am better equipped and stronger to handle it. They say, one dirty fish makes the whole pond dirty. In Delhi Tango community we have two dirty fishes to make it so dirty, that I was left with no choice but to create a new and clean pond.