14 August, 2013

Echos of my slap

I love my blog. It reaches the right targeted audience and affects the people it is meant to affect.
Ass no win checks it regularly and not only that, even promotes the blog and the blog posts by forwarding the links to the audience it is meant for. The echo of my slap is heard all over. It is widespread and then I am discussed. " Kiran is a nasty woman". Nasty? You do not know the meaning of nasty dude. You guys are nasty and I only answer you back in your language. I only convey you the message, " Do not mess with me". But if you have not been able to decipher such a simple message so far, then Kiran is left with no other choice but to be nasty. Stop messing with me. I am happy an contended with my work. You guys are insecure and untalented. Let the work speak for itself instead of dirty politics. But if you will provoke me, I will speak up. Like I said here before.