16 August, 2013

Healthy working relationship

I have been wanting to write this blog post for a very long time now. It is about two very good friends of mine. If you have been following this blog, you must have seen their pictures on my blog before.
These two girls- the one in gold and the other in black, in the centre are Delhi's best piano teachers. They are very young, yet very mature, level headed and super talented. They both are very good friends too and that is what inspires me. They both are in the same field and are expected to be competitors but on the contrary and they are thick friends, they help each other, exchange notes, ideas and give client referrals to each other. What could be more healthy than that? I respect both of them for that. They have earned respect not just from me but from everyone around them. They conduct themselves so gracefully and in the most dignified manner. There is not an iota of jealousy but only integrity. You can even see them in sync here and see their video here. Very intelligent comment from one of them, "Two people in the same profession are colleagues not competitors."

Unlike dirty politics in Delhi Tango community, these girls have created the cleanest atmosphere for themselves and their students. And it is so because both are very talented, very secure in themselves, mature and above all good humans. That is how ideally it should be. But it takes two hands to clap.
I have always believed in doing good work. For years, I have been in the field of fitness and there is no animosity anywhere. I have my regular clients who have been with me for years. I have 2 more businesses where everything runs smooth. But such a beautiful thing as Tango in Delhi, is engulfed in politics. Music, dance, etc is meant to bring joy to us not bitterness. And that is what I am working on amongst my new set of people who are learning Tango from me. A positive and healthy working environment, free from politics and bitterness. Jealousy and politics are for the weak, insecure and untalented. Because the weak want to climb onto someone's back to rise above. But the strong have faith in their own self. They are not parasites. They rely on their talent. Those who are sure of themselves, have no need to stoop low.

The dress I am wearing here was gifted to me last year on my Birthday by Unnati (the one in black).