10 December, 2013

Different phases of life

We all go through different phases in life. We all have different moods. Of late, I have been in a different world and zone. More within myself and my work. Which is the reason, the blog posts were not as many as last year. This year the blog posts were primarily about Tango and Milonga. Very few were dedicated fashion posts. The coming year looks different. Socializing has been limited to chosen and very special friends. I have been on a spree of declining invites. What I have got is lot of contentment and at the end of the day, that is what matters.

Today was a cosy dinner with friends.
Seen here, in the picture, is my bestie and also famous Ghazal singer, Penaz Masani.

What am I wearing:
94. MM. Janpath,
New Delhi.

Top: Pramod: Got it last year as a Birthday gift from a friend.
Boots: Coach: Gift from sister.