13 December, 2013


One accessory which is very functional, practical, diverse and beautiful is a scarf. It can uplift any garment, that might be most basic. You need no other accessory, you can wear it in many different ways and styles. It keeps you warm and definitely makes you stand out. My suggestion- enhance your most basic outfit with a nice scarf or a stole. A scarf can make you look chic and classy.

I buy all my scarves from
KCS Kashmir Shawl emporium
94, MM Janpath, New Delhi
Contact: kshawl@vsnl.net
I have never seen any other shop with better variety and better prices.

Amongst very pretty and expensive outfits, accessories like sunglasses etc and lots of make up, I guess, just adding a scarf on the most basic outfit, sans any make up, still works and makes you stand out. My recommendation- try the look.