14 January, 2014

Life in Delhi- La Vida en Nueva Delhi.

Delhi used to be place of "show off"- of fakes, of flaunting, pretensions, hollow relations.  I used to hope that it was a passing phase and soon things would improve. People would see it all, do it all, get wary of it and mellow down a bit. But no. From show off, things became even worse. They were disgusting and now I should label them as vulgar. Now when I look at facebook pictures, they are not show offs but crass. Even two women standing with each other appear disgustingly risqué. They are cheek to cheek, legs into legs, lips few centimeters apart from each other. Dressed up lewd and profane with cheap make up. They are sickening. I crave to see simple, unpretentious and honest people dressed up simply. Simple things interest and fascinate me more. I prefer uncomplicated life rather than portraying what you are not. Invest in good relations, healthy friendships and steer clear of labyrinthine. Make life beautiful, painless and happy. Stop running to be in the frame, to be clicked in pictures with ten other unknown people whom you do not care about or who do not care about you. Why would you do that? What are you trying to prove and to whom? Enjoy real friendships. Treasure them. Life is short. Do not make it meaningless.