13 January, 2014


Sometimes you are amongst hundreds of people, yet you are alone. (Maybe you choose to be alone,all by your self). And sometimes you are all by yourself or maybe with your close friend or family and you have a ball of a time. This, absolutely applies to me. Someone asked me, how do I deal with fake people? The answer is simple. Just the way a lotus flower deals with muddy water around it and the beautiful sky above it.
I know when and how to shut myself and be within my own self in a big crowd and open up amongst my chosen few. My list of priorities is absolutely clear and I function accordingly. That is why, I can be always found quietly sitting by myself in a big crowd. Observing, absorbing, smiling and chuckling. I would never have anything to add to the group conversation. I would never run for the camera to be clicked. And I become a different person amongst my own people. That is when I would talk endlessly, giggle, fight, tease, get pictures clicked for the sake of memory and for my blog. It is not that I am an introvert or that I am not a people's person. It is just that lotus still remains clean even in mud.

Here I am wearing a jacket by Ritu Kumar.
The bag is a gift from a dear friend.