15 February, 2014

Few Fashion trends that I have never followed

Here is a list of few fashion trends that I have never followed and hopefully never will. I find these trends very uninspiring and something that should soon be over and done with. These are:

1. Dungarees or overalls
2. Loose, oversized baggy clothes.
3. Distressed jeans
4. Wedge heels with platforms in front.
5. Socks worn with anything else except sneakers. ( I am saying socks not stockings).
6. Cartoon graphic Tees worn by adults. They are only for babies.
7. Pelmets/ really short mini skirts which help you to barely cover anything.
8. Bell bottoms
9. Gaudy, heavily embroidered saree. I prefer traditional ones.
10. Boy shorts.

There is something common about my list. All of them are not feminine. There is something masculine, heavy, gaudy, untidy, about them. For me fashion trend has to be feminine, cute, neat, chic, classy and sophisticated.