16 February, 2014

Social media

Social media today is really big. Bigger than ever before. It is being used not just for networking and business marketing but also for not so important purposes. Today, we need to understand how we can actually benefit from it rather than wasting our time and energy on it.
Today we have so many friends and people whom we follow on facebook and twitter and other networks. We know more about them than we know our real close friends. There is a rat race of who gets invited to more events, puts more pictures, gets more comments and likes. But is it all worth it? We are loosing out on real life. Today relationships are made and even broken because of facebook. Talents  are being wasted because instead of concrete work, people spend hours doing virtual farming on some game on facebook or posing pictures with so called best friends who really mean nothing to them. If you really want to tabulate your daily fashion or people or restaurant, the better platform is to blog about it, write about it, put pictures there. That, in my opinion, is an intelligent way of being expressive. But throwing your everyday pictures on facebook seems a useless task.
Facebook aka virtual life has taken over real life today. It is assumed that your best friend is the one with whom you have maximum pictures on fb. Or the one who comments or likes your pictures the most.
Use social media as a tool for marketing and networking. Do not let it over rule your life.