16 February, 2014

Childhood friends

People have illusions about their childhood friends. People live in myths that childhood friends can understand them like no one else can. Wake up to reality, is all I will say. We all change, progress and develop. We all move ahead with time. And  when you meet your childhood friend after years, you will be a fool if you have this impression that you can take things on from where you left. Your lifestyle would have changed, your likes and dislikes would be different, your careers would have changed. He/she might be married and have a family and yet you dream of being besties. Ha ha! Reality check. Some of you might be lucky , who have grown up together and remained together in the same cities and that time gap never came between you. But if you are meeting after years and expecting to be BFF's the fact is, be ready for jealousies, gossips, bitching and worst of all comparisons and comments about your present friends. If you are intelligent, you might be able to strike a balance but if you are living in that dreamworld of "my childhood friend", you are in for a rude shock and then time will teach you a lesson.