17 February, 2014

Journey of my blog

This blog is about 7 years old. It has seen many different phases and passed through many different paths. I am not saying ,"ups and downs" because the journey has been pretty smooth and enjoyable so far and God willing it will sustain its glory. My loyal readers have remained with me and everyday the number is increasing. I have never seen a downward trend.
Many of my fellow bloggers stopped blogging and even closed down their blogs for various reasons. But the prime reason was that they felt very intruded by their family, relatives and friends. Did I not face the same? Of course, yes I did. Earlier, I used to constantly think about who would be reading my blog and what they would think and say. It was like constantly you are looking over your shoulder and feeling that you are being stalked. But then, I eased. I started caring less about who would read what and infer what.
Let me give you an insight about the blog writer's perspective. When a blog like this, is 7 years old, it is not about you, he or she. It is general. It is about life. Stop reading in between the lines. Most of my known people try to put 2 and 2 together and make it 22. It is not that.  People, who know me personally, take my blog very personally. They think- it is about me or about him or about her. The answer is NOOO. The blog is very mature. It is above you and me. It flows naturally where it wants to.
As an author and writer of this blog, I write a lot about myself and pen down what I feel. But sometimes (actually,most of the times) I am really not referring to anyone.
Do I make sense? No? Forget it. Continue to draw your own conclusions and enjoy my blog.